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Event History

The Last Resort was formed in 1999 between two old friends, Glenn Raymond and Anthony Woodman, with the aim of reuniting friends and colleagues they had worked with in the past.

They performed their first show at Chinnerys music bar in Southend in aid of Cancer Research. This was in memory of Anthony’s father who had passed away from cancer. This show was so successful another two followed at Chinnerys to sell out audiences. The band had realised that the format of different members and different music styles in one show was a winning one. The public liked the fact they would enjoy the different music and sounds of the night.

Glenn, a drummer and the backbone of the band, kept his place in the growing band. Anthony soon realised he was managing a very successful band.

We also became aware that the band needed a musical director to ensure all the different styles of music of the musicians worked together so Liam Slattery took that challenge on.

Then a larger venue was needed to accommodate the growing crowds. Mill Hall, in Rayleigh, was chosen as it could double the audience which, in turn, would raise more money for good causes. With the larger venue the band need larger lighting and sound to accommodate the venue, so Maple Sound of Southend was chosen for the sound and 1159 Productions of Chelmsford put together the lighting.

This band went on to perform further shows at this venue with various different members along the way to give everyone a chance to perform in this exciting and diverse band. The band in their many shows raised over £10,000 for good causes. After all that work we decided to have short rest which ended up being 10 years….

Now in 2013 we all want to get back together again to relight the fun and excitement we had for the music. The show took place on Saturday 21st April 2013 at Mill Hall and was a huge success.  So much so, shortly afterwards, we planned to do another show - the date is set for Saturday 6th September 2014 at Mill Hall.  A change to the management team now includes Paul Rawlins taking the position of Musical Director who will be working alongside Anthony Woodman and Noel Ashton.